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January 12, 2021
Deriving a New Architecture to Support the Data Impact of Connected Vehicle HD Mapping
Blog by: AECC President and Chairperson Ken-ichi Murata-san, AECC Directors Christer Boberg and Roger Berg Seeing “architecture” and “map” in the same sentence might make one wonder why high-definition (HD) mapping needs more than a sheet of paper or a hi-resolution monitor. After all, a two-dimensional surface enables the presentation of 18 different types of […]
January 6, 2021
Member Spotlight - Interview with Roger Berg, DENSO
Roger Berg is a Board Member of the AECC, and Chair of the Marketing Steering Committee. He is Vice President of DENSO’s North American Research and Development group. Describe what inspires you […]
November 30, 2020
How Distributed Edge Computing Leverages Best Practices for the Automotive Industry
By AECC President and Chairperson Ken-ichi Murata-san, AECC Directors Christer Boberg and Roger Berg The AECC’s mission is to help automotive industry stakeholders prepare for the global deployment of fully connected vehicles. This 21st Century phenomenon is quite exciting, but there is a substantial amount of “under the hood” technology development required to provide a […]
September 30, 2020
Driving Data to Deliver: Addressing the Connected Vehicle Data Challenge
Blog written by: AECC President and Chairperson Ken-ichi Murata-san, AECC Directors Christer Boberg and Roger Berg If you’re new to connected vehicles, one way to picture the market is a bucket of related use cases for the internet of things (IoT). As objects in the IoT, connected vehicles use on-board sensors to automate their operation […]
August 3, 2020
Member Spotlight - Interview with Muriel Desaeger, Toyota
I see my role as striving to bring the best of Europe into the AECC. As we know, the AECC is a global organization with several industry players representing businesses from all major regions. Being based in Belgium, I look for ways to include the European outlook. It’s important for the connected car industry to address requirements that are relevant to all stakeholders in Europe. Everyone has their own interests and requirements in addition to wanting the industry to succeed globally.
July 21, 2020
Member Spotlight - Interview with Geng Wu, Intel Corporation
Intel is a global company enabling our partners and customers with solutions for computing and communications. I work on wireless standards and new technologies at Intel. My teams represent Intel at many global standards development and industry fora including 3GPP and IEE802.
July 15, 2020
Preparing for the Connected Vehicle Evolution: How to Plan Today for Tomorrow’s Services, Infrastructure and Data Traffic Demands
The AECC announced an expanded edition of its technical report titled Driving Data to the Edge: The Challenge of Data Traffic Distribution V 2.0, offering guidance and discussion around three new issues that pave the way forward for the connected vehicle ecosystem. AECC President and Chairperson Ken-ichi Murata-san, AECC Directors Christer Boberg and Joel Obstfeld and AECC Technical Solutions Working Group Chair Leifeng Ruan discuss how OEMs, MNOs, cloud providers and other technology stakeholders in the connected vehicle ecosystem can benefit from the report’s findings.
May 27, 2020
Member Spotlight – Interview with Christer Boberg, Ericsson
Early 2017, representatives from Ericsson, Toyota and a few other founding companies informally met during the Barcelona Mobile World Congress. Toyota expressed a need for a global community to develop a technical framework on handling the high-volume data spawned by connected cars in the future. From Ericsson’s perspective, our entire business is about connectivity, so we were keenly interested. In our experience, it's very important that the use cases for a new emerging business have adequate support by the networks. We see a unique opportunity for AECC members – such as Toyota being one of the largest vehicle manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders – be the ones forming the next-generation communication systems for connected vehicles. Ericsson’s collaboration with AECC will specifically support the mobile network operators and help them to understand how they should configure and deploy their networks to support use cases for connected cars and other vehicles.
April 21, 2020
Member Spotlight – Interview with Joel Obstfeld, Cisco
I'm leading a team of people who are looking at the future of connected and automated transport systems. We’re considering all the various components needed for connected transportation systems - -- not just for the vehicle, but what they connect to, the roadways, smart cities and the broader communications and computing infrastructure.
October 24, 2018
Recap of AECC’s Presentation at Mobile World Congress Americas in September
Approximately 100 people attended AECC’s one-hour presentation and panel discussion, Driving Data to the Edge, on September 14 during the Mobile World Congress Americas meeting in Los Angeles.
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