A Smart and Connected World in the Edge Computing Era at MWC 2023

AECC participated in Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona!

During the event, AECC members Muriel Desaeger from Toyota Motor Europe, Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz from Nexar Inc., and Yoshinori Kitatsuji from KDDI Corporation as well as our representative from GSMA, Pablo Iacopino hosted a one-hour panel discussion.

The group discussed the state of the connected vehicle services ecosystem, the importance of uniting collaborators across industries to build out the network, and actionable steps to make a more connected future a reality.

Watch the recording now.

Unlocking and Accelerating the Connected Vehicle Services Opportunity​.

Hear the latest trends and happenings in the connected vehicle services space from industry thought leaders.

Automotive data from connected services will make the connected car one of the biggest opportunities since the smartphone. Panelists from the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) will share how they are optimizing connected vehicle services infrastructure to manage 1,000 times more data than today’s networks are accustomed to handling.

Gain insight into AECC’s new Proof of Concepts (PoCs) that address these data hurdles using the AECC distributed edge computing approach in real-world HD mapping scenarios.

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