The development of connected vehicle services has already begun, but as adoption increases the infrastructure will need to drastically evolve to keep pace with demand.

It’s vital that we deal with data management architectures now so that the right kind of digital infrastructure solutions can be realized and ready to scale when we need them. We believe that our new white paper, “Data Management Systems in the Distributed Environment,” will be an important step towards this goal.

Other AECC white papers have touched on data management, but this is the one that gives the reader a full sense of the approaches that will be needed to collect, manage, and process the data. This comes from the experiences of AECC member companies, which have seen first-hand the challenges of delivering connected vehicle services using centralized cloud-based solutions.

We’re excited to release this special report and to hear opinions and feedback from the market.

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A Must-Read for These Audiences   

We’re positive that this white paper will prove to be essential reading for any enterprise that has a role in connected vehicle services and the infrastructure that supports them.

In particular, mobility service providers (including OEMs) will benefit from this white paper in architecting and designing their mobility service systems.

Edge infrastructure and solution providers (including MNOs) will find it helpful in developing and preparing their platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering to streamline solution implementation for mobility service providers.

Use Case Helps Provide Focus

The topic of data management for connected vehicle services is so vast that the authors have used one use case to give readers a more down-to-earth and digestible perspective.

The white paper shows how an available parking space detection service may generate 0.5 Tbps just for one metropolitan area like Los Angeles, New York, or Tokyo. And this is just one type of mobility service, with an assumed subscribership of one million cars — the actual data traffic from many cities and countries could be much higher. This is more than one data center can handle, which is why we need an edge processing layer.

This deep dive into the data management aspect of connected vehicle services brings the challenge into clearer focus by breaking down the full system needed to support one service. It also provides the strongest look at the future of these services, especially tangential benefits of reusing the system for other services.

There is also an analysis of data management patterns that we think will help infrastructure builders immensely.

Building the Digital Infrastructure of Tomorrow    

AECC was established to deal with the challenging infrastructure requirements of delivering connected vehicle services. We’re looking at how to collect, manage, and process big data effectively, efficiently, and sometimes in real time, by envisioning a solution based on distributed computing infrastructure.

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