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Purpose and Mission Statement

The purpose of AECC is to drive the needed evolution of network architectures and computing infrastructures to accommodate the automotive big data in a smarter and more efficient fashion.

The mission is to build an ecosystem comprising of mobile communication industry leaders; big data cloud and analytics service providers; and leading automotive industry players through the following activities.

  • Development of use cases and requirements for connected services for emerging mobile devices, with a particular focus on automobiles (drones, robots, and other vehicles will be examined in the future). The consortium will develop technical reports and white papers designed to inform relevant standards and open-source communities. These white papers will examine best practices for deploying distributed and layered computing infrastructure, which is comprised of public and private clouds, telecom networks, and mobile devices. In addition, the papers will examine uses cases and the requirements needed to help accelerate their deployment.
  • Discuss and agree on reference architectures, such as for next-generation mobile networks and cloud, which are suitable for automotive-oriented use cases.

For additional information, please download our white paper.

Candidate Activities

  • Define use cases and requirements with a particular focus on networking and computing for automotive big data with an inherent scale-out nature between vehicles and the cloud. Example applications are high-definition map creation/distribution and intelligent driving.
  • Formulate a roadmap strategy, from technology development to market introduction, including the network evolution.
  • Identify relevant communities for standardization and open-source software development, and support these with inputs for use cases and requirements, as well as contribute to realization activities.
  • Address efficiency issues in resource utilization from the viewpoints of communication bandwidth, computational power and storage capacity. The solution may include, but not be limited to; in-vehicle systems, edge computing, distributed cloud, process/task migration, network virtualization (SDN/NFV)/containerization (micro-service), network interface/messaging, data center fabric and multiple-accesses (Wi-Fi/Cellular, etc.)

Board of Directors


Chairperson: Kenichi Murata (Toyota)

Ken-ichi Murata is a Project General Manager / Group Manager at Connected Strategy & Planning Group, Connected Company, Toyota Motor Corporation.

He started his career as a research scientist at Sony Computer Science Laboratories Inc., then moved to Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. as a systems architect of software platforms of various consumer electronics devices. In 2008, He joined Toyota, and he had been acting as a Global Chief Engineer of in-vehicle multi-media/telematics systems. Since 2015, he is taking the current position as a strategist of connected vehicles.

Treasurer: Dr. Geng Wu (Intel)

Dr. Geng Wu is an Intel Fellow and Chief Technologist for wireless standards in the Client and Internet of Things Business and System Architecture Group at Intel Corporation.

He leads Intel’s 5G wireless standards and technology development, and works extensively with global research and development community and ecosystem partners. His current focus areas include future generation network architectures and devices including automotive, new air interface design and performance evaluation, and cross-layer optimization for mobile services and applications.


Secretary: Christer Boberg (Ericsson)

Christer Boberg serves as a Director at Ericsson CTO Office driving strategies around IoT and Cloud technologies where he focus on bringing new technologies in place to solve networking for the industry on a global scale. Prior to this he has been driving Ericsson Communication Services technology strategy and been responsible for bringing several products and solutions to market as well as being an technology expert for related domains.

Ryutaro Kawamura

Director: Ryutaro Kawamura (NTT)

Ryutaro Kawamura is currently a director and general manager in NTT Network Innovation Labs.

In 1989 he joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation’s (NTT) Transport Systems Laboratories. From 1998-1999, he was a visiting researcher in Columbia University. From 2003 to now, he is a Board of Director of OSGi Alliance. He is engaged in research on network reliability techniques, network control and management, high-speed computer networks, network middleware, home network, industrial network, software component and IoT.

Tomohiro Miyachi

Director: Tomohiro Miyachi (DENSO)

Tomohiro Miyachi is a Director and head of Mobility System & Service R&D Dept., Information & Safety Business Group of DENSO Corporation, leadaing service and system development of connected car, which DENSO places as one of the top priorities of future business. He started his carrier as a product designer of Air conditioning system in DENSO, and was transferred to system development department of Human Machine Interface for Automated Drive and Advanced Driver Assistance System to advance the project as a leader.