Download our comprehensive research report,
“Edge: Coming to a Place Near You.”

Edge computing enables new capabilities for end-user devices and IoT across a range of industries, including automotive, transport, retail and manufacturing. Commissioned by AECC, this GSMA research examines current sentiment toward edge computing and looks at the evolution of edge adoption across industries. The report discusses why edge matters, explores challenges to adoption, looks at technologies that are influencing edge computing, and more.

Informed by input from cross-industry players – including mobile operators, network equipment vendors, cloud service providers, IoT service providers, system integrators and car manufacturers – this research offers a comprehensive snapshot of where edge adoption stands and where it’s going.

Find out what the future holds for edge and what is required to unlock the opportunities ahead.

Download Edge: Coming to a Place Near You for insights on the current and future state of cross-industry edge computing, including:

The Evolution of Edge

Competitive Landscape

Tech Innovations and pushing the boundaries