In January of 2024, AECC and GSMA Intelligence released a research report with profound implications for businesses waiting for the commencement of the scale-up of edge computing infrastructure.

The report reveals an elevated demand for edge computing, with 73% of surveyed companies across a variety of sectors planning to boost investments in the next year. The majority anticipate a 10-15% increase, while 12% aim for a surge of 20% or more. The survey encompassed 400 companies, including mobile network operators, cloud service providers, and car manufacturers.

The automotive industry, in particular, is experiencing a shift towards digitally assisted driving as well as increased demand for services like intelligent driving and vehicle-to-everything (V2X). Consumers and vehicle fleet operators alike want these services because they promise improved safety and efficiency in driving. The report forecasts substantial revenue growth in connected vehicles over the next three years, with 15% of automakers expecting a notable 16-20% increase, fueling innovative business models for MNOs, OEMs, cloud providers, and app players.

While the respondents agreed that mobile network operators should pay for the new edge infrastructure, the question remains: how do we make sure we’re investing in the right infrastructure design?

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Proofs of Concept: the Essential First Steps

No business would invest in scaling a technology until they’re very sure that it will work. This ties into the survey findings that emphasize the pivotal role of proof of concept (PoC) development and testing efforts.

The business leaders surveyed in the report agree that 61% of respondents prioritize increasing PoC development and testing, followed closely by 58% prioritizing the development of compelling edge use cases. Additionally, 49% highlight the importance of enhancing cross-industry collaboration on edge infrastructure.

Working models will build confidence and provide frames of reference, which will lead to the adoption of standardized software solutions that will eventually become the scaled-edge computing infrastructure we need.

Outside of the report, AECC has observed a significant rise in the data transmission and processing needs for connected vehicles, which will exceed 10 exabytes per month in a few years. This trend underscores the critical role of edge computing networks in meeting future demands.

Explore Our Proofs of Concept

In our proof of concept (PoC) program, AECC has been doing research and development to create working examples of infrastructure that address a variety of real-world use cases. Reducing bandwidth requirements for processing, enabling distributed authentication, and reducing energy requirements are just some of the success stories we have to share.

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