Wi-Fi Alliance Member Meeting

Plenary Session: Wi-Fi driving innovation in the automotive market Connectivity is an important consideration for the automotive industry to help accelerate innovation in this complex ecosystem.  This panel will provide insights on challenges, innovations, and Wi-Fi's role in driving automotive industry transformation. Buckle up as we get perspective from some of the largest car manufacturers [...]

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EdgeTech+ Automotive Software Conference & Expo

In recent years, IoT has permeated society, collecting a variety of data and increasing the volume and sophistication of processed data. As the criticality of the processing required increases, there is a growing number of Edge AI use cases where AI models are run on edge devices in terms of real-time processing and security. Representative [...]

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Intelligent Infrastructure

The AECC is a proud partner of the Intelligent Infrastructure event hosted by Topio Networks, taking place June 6 & 7 in Austin Texas.  About the event: The Next Era of Digitizing Public Infrastructure – Happening Now We are entering the age of autonomy. Access to real-time data through intelligent infrastructure and processing of that [...]

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Edge Computing Expo

In a world where speed, connectivity and real-time access to data have become a way of life, edge computing has fast become an essential component of virtually every business’s IT strategy. For forward-thinking and dynamic enterprises, edge computing can enable a significant increase in operational efficiency and automation, while dramatically reducing latency. This conference is [...]

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ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing

SEC is a forum for top researchers, engineers, students, entrepreneurs, and government officials come together under one roof to discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise from rethinking cloud computing architectures and embracing edge computing. SEC takes a broad view of edge computing and solicits contributions from many fields of systems practice that embrace any [...]

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