Driving Data to Deliver: Addressing the Connected Vehicle Challenge  

As technology continues to advance, every facet of our lives becomes increasingly connected, and vehicles are no exception. The future of connected cars is bright, and both consumers and fleets across the globe have much to gain from their advancement. However, to ensure the success of these connected services, certain data management requirements must [...]

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Member Spotlight – Sharon Barkai, Nexar

Sharon Barkai is a Nexagon Mobility Network Engineer at Nexar, an AECC member company. Describe what inspires you about the connected car industry. The connected car industry is inspiring for many reasons. One is the promise of better safety, and the creation of the initial infrastructure for autonomous vehicles, which promises not only safety but [...]

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Webinar and Whitepaper: Enabling the Connected Vehicle Market to Thrive

The automotive market has always been a center of innovation. In the early days it was radios and mobile phones, and today we’re watching the future of autonomous driving, HD mapping and a variety of other services unfold. Connected vehicles are in everyone’s near future, and while their development holds immense opportunity, it also carries [...]

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