Approximately 100 people attended AECC’s one-hour presentation and panel discussion, Driving Data to the Edge, on September 14 during the Mobile World Congress Americas meeting in Los Angeles.

AECC Chairperson Ken-ichi Murata started with a discussion about AECC’s work and how advances in big data are impacting the connected vehicle market. AECC Secretary Christer Boberg led the panelists – Ken-ichi Murata; Cameron Coursey, VP Product Development IoT, AT&T; Prakash Kartha, Director, Market Development, Intel Corporation; Vish Nandlall, Head of Emerging Technology and Ecosystems at Dell-EMC; and Sam Samuels, Mobility CTO, Cisco – through an engaging discussion that also included questions from the audience.

A focus of the discussion centered around the design and deployment of next-generation networks to support emerging services, such as intelligent driving, the creation of maps with real-time data and driving assistance based on cloud computing. Some of the questions and topics that came up warrant further follow-up by AECC, including:

  • Need for more use cases: AECC has developed use cases that broadly address mobile data model flows and behavior (i.e. up-link video, up-link TCU data, up-link still image/broadcast and/or unicast maps); however, we would like more OEMS to participate in creating use cases that validate the AECC mobile communication network and cloud computing system architectures.
  • Cost of edge computing: AECC is not focused on building an edge environment for any arbitrary workload; instead our focus is on optimizing use cases that benefit from edge computing solutions.
  • Reachability/Availability: App developers/providers want to be able establish a connection with the edge on a local and global scale, which is a topic that AECC will look at, including mitigation of deviations between different service and technology providers.

We are grateful to our panelists for sharing their insight and those who attended and participated in the discussion.