Connected vehicle services present one of the biggest opportunities since the smartphone. But before that opportunity can become a reality, the industry must address a massive problem: automotive big data. Today’s network architecture and computing infrastructure are not equipped to transfer the billions of gigabytes necessary to power a globally connected vehicle services ecosystem. Significant network development is necessary to make that vision a reality, and it must start now.

AECC leaders from Denso, Ericsson and Nexar recently sat down with Roberta Gamble of Frost & Sullivan to discuss just that. Their on-demand webinar, “Unlocking and Accelerating the Connected Vehicle Services Opportunity,” looks at the current state of the connected vehicle services ecosystem. It explains the role of edge computing in advancing the landscape and shares details on how AECC’s approach and real-world demos are solving network challenges. You’ll hear insights from Sharon Barkai, chief network architect at Nexar, Roger Berg, vice president of Denso’s North American Research and Development Group, and Christer Boberg, director of Ericsson Group Strategy, as they dive into this intriguing topic.

Within the webinar are four individual episodes, allowing viewers can watch the complete presentation or choose the segments that are right for them. Episode options include:

  • The Evolution of the Connected Vehicle Services Landscape, which presents an overview of the connected vehicle services ecosystem, the opportunity it holds, and the data transfer and management challenges that exist. Watch this module to learn why these challenges must be overcome to unlock the enormous potential held within the connected vehicle services space.
  • Edge Computing as the Critical Piece in the Connected Vehicle Services Puzzle, which explores the AECC edge computing approach and the important role it plays in addressing the data management and transfer challenges that come with our expanding connected car ecosystem. Choose this module to learn why edge computing is key in bringing the globally connected car ecosystem to fruition.
  • Advancing the Connected Vehicle Ecosystem with Real-World Demos, which shares details on the AECC Proof of Concept (PoC) program, including a brief overview of how it works, its importance, and who can participate. Tune into this module to learn how the PoC program delivers cross-industry benefits and how even non-members can get involved.
  • Free Parking Spot Detection: Real-World Application of AECC’s Distributed Edge Architecture, which dives into the recent AECC PoC, Enabling a Geolocation Parking Service with AECC Distributed Edge Architecture. View this module to hear directly from Nexar about the company’s experience with the AECC PoC program and the results they’ve achieved.

Watch one or all of the episodes now.

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