What will be the activities of the AECC?

The Consortium is pursuing our mission through development of use cases, technical reports and reference architectures. Use Cases – The Consortium is creating use cases and requirements on networking and computing for connected services in automobiles. Examples are high-definition map creation and distribution, intelligent driving and remote diagnostic maintenance. Eventually our work will expand to [...]

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What will be the AECC’s first deliverables and when will they be released?

AECC has developed a white paper called General Principles and Vision in collaboration with its global members to help standards bodies and connected vehicle technology communities address vehicular technology needs within their guidelines. The AECC white paper outlines open standards approaches for vehicular technology adoption and integration designed to meet the unique needs of the connected vehicle [...]

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How will the AECC advance the automotive technology ecosystem?

The Consortium’s role is bringing together the ecosystem’s most respected and accomplished leaders to exchange ideas and ensure that new technologies and standards will meet the future needs of the automotive value chain – from Information Communication Technology (ICT) to automotive technology leaders. Our focus is increasing network capacity to accommodate automotive big data in [...]

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What are the big data and communications needs of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles?

The majority of today’s vehicles operate in conditions with limited connectivity. With data connectivity rapidly expanding from luxury models and premium brands to high-volume mid-market models, the volume of data generated at the vehicle endpoint (i.e., the edge) will soon overwhelm cloud computing and communications infrastructure resources. As all vehicles become connected, the technical issue [...]

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What is edge computing as it applies to the AECC?

Edge computing is a cloud-based information and communications framework that connects hardware, software and applications to enable high-quality vehicle control, services and experiences. Within the connected car ecosystem, the local data center closest to the vehicles on the road (i.e., the edge) will manage each vehicle’s computing needs to complete a task. The local data [...]

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What types of new automotive use cases or experiences might arise?

An open-standards framework will support new uses cases and services that allow for more substantial amounts of vehicle data to be sent to the cloud. The end goal is enabling timely collaboration with mobile, traffic, mapping, and communication networks. So, for example, connected vehicles may expect to have dynamic mapping capabilities where machine learning and [...]

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What problem does the AECC solve? What are the ecosystem’s pain points?

The ecosystem’s pain points are scale, cost, and diverse latency requirements. For example, open standards, solutions, and technologies will need to address the connected car data explosion and provide connectivity with a more accessible communication structure. Harmonization is required among multiple systems, including vehicles, networks, and cloud servers, as well as diverse needs for particular [...]

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