June 6, 2024


Santa Clara Convention Center

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Edge Computing Expo

Edge Computing Expo is the leading event for Edge Platforms, Digital Twin, Robotics & Computer Vision, Edge AI, Future Progressions and Accelerating Transformation.

Alex Pham, Chief Architect at Toyota and AECC Member, will represent the AECC on the following closing keynote and panel:

Thursday, June 6, 2024 @ 2:40-3:10 PT | AI at the Edge – Moving from Today to Tomorrow

AI is reshaping the technical landscape – nowhere more than at the edge. While we’ve seen rapid AI development in the past few years, significant platform, network, and model challenges have emerged that must be surmounted to build tomorrow’s smarter edge.


  • Alex Pham, Chief Architect at Toyota and AECC Member
  • Mark Campbell, Chief Innovation Officer at EVOTEK

Thursday, June 6, 2024 @ 10:15 AM PT | Key Infrastructure Requirements to Enable Edge Computing

  • Elaborate on the requirements to ensure a smooth edge enabled infrastructure
  • Establishing scope and purpose of your edge computing needs
  • Ensuring a robust network infrastructure for edge and minimize latency for efficient data transfer
  • Lessons learned from successful deployment cases


  • Alex Pham, Chief Architect at Toyota and AECC Member
  • Maharaj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President & Senior Architect, Bank of America
  • David Hudson, Product Manager – IBM Edge Application Manager – IBM Software Networking, IBM
  • Keith Basil, General Manager, Edge Business Unit, SUSE
  • Moderator: Jim Davis, Founder & Principal Analyst, Edge Research Group


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