The technology around connected cars has advanced and resulted in huge influxes of data flow to and from vehicles. On top of the technological growth, vehicle infrastructure, driver and passengers, road conditions, mileage tracking and tracing, and beyond will have a tremendous impact on the overall driving experience. The connected vehicle market is a big opportunity for MNOs, OEMs, and network/computing solutions providers. It is critical that there is predictably reliable exchange and processing of these new data streams, and that the upload and computation systems are efficient in speed and sustainability for this market to succeed.

To discuss these issues further, AECC Board Members and Directors Christer Boberg and Roger Berg and AECC’s President and Chairperson Ken-ichi Murata joined Roberta Gamble, Vice President and Partner of Frost & Sullivan in a recent webinar, “The Future of Data and Connected Vehicles.” During the hour-long discussion, they covered:

  • The biggest opportunities and challenges in the connected vehicles space
  • The role of edge computing in making connected vehicle services a reality
  • Connected vehicle services that can take advantage of distributed edge computing
  • How MNOs, OEMs, and network/computing solutions providers work together to drive the future of connected vehicle services
  • And more!

The webinar is now available in its entirety and can be viewed here.

In addition, we encourage you to check out the accompanying article here.

This article covers:

  • Managing bandwidth and latency in the connected vehicle space
  • Reducing computational distance for real-time data transfer
  • Collecting, processing and prioritizing data streams
  • Realizing the potential of data in the connected vehicle space

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