The AECC has been busy this year! As part of our year-long Driving Data to Deliver campaign, we’ve been offering MNOs, OEMs and Cloud providers ways to navigate the data deluge and launch connected vehicle services. In addition to publishing some informative blogs and videos over the past few months, we successfully collaborated with analysts at Topio, GSMA’s Mobile World Live and SBD Automotive to craft a series of educational webinars and white papers on ways the ecosystem can advance connected vehicles services. And if that wasn’t enough, we also produced an informative, hour-long Mobile World Congress presentation, Connected Vehicle Services: Catching the Mobile Edge. We wanted to take a moment to recap this recent activity and share the resulting content, all of which is now available on the AECC site.

First up, AECC Board members Roger Berg and Christer Boberg joined Phil Marshall and Phillippe Cases of Topio Networks for a discussion around Edge Computing and the Connected Car. The webinar looked at the critical success enablers that will drive the update of connected vehicle services and how complex computing and connectivity resource orchestration can be coordinated between standards bodies and stakeholders with diverse charters, interests and commercial objectives. The full webinar, Enabling the Connected Vehicle Market to Thrive, is available on our site, along with the complementary white paper.

Next up, Roger Berg and Christer Boberg sat down with Martha DeGrasse of Mobile World Live for an in-depth discussion around the opportunities for mobile network operators (MNOs) to lead and shape the evolving automotive edge ecosystem. By 2025, SBD predicts that at least 400M connected vehicles will be on the road – each with the potential to deliver emerging services such as HD mapping and intelligent driving. These data-intensive services require significant support, and for MNOs, this is likely to be the biggest opportunity since the smartphone. Check out the webinar, Unlocking the Connected Vehicle Services Opportunity, as well as the supporting white paper, Connected Cars: On the Edge of a Breakthrough, to learn more.

If you’re more interested in the automotive side of things, this next webinar is for you. AECC Board members Roger Berg, Christer Boberg and Said Tabet chatted with Kurt Dusterhoff of SBD Automotive about why edge computing matters for connected cars, how the automotive industry will benefit from better understanding it, and the technology challenges that still need to be solved. Edge computing offers the chance to process more data near the vehicle instead of constantly shipping it to a central cloud facility. But, for an industry where always-on connectivity is still fairly new, edge computing also presents certain questions. For example, doesn’t 5G give us all these advantages already? (Spoiler – no, 5G alone does not). And, what problems can edge computing help the industry solve? What problems could it introduce? Watch the webinar, Breaking Down the Barriers to Automotive Edge Adoption, for answers to these questions and more, and check out the in-depth white paper by the same name.

Finally, if you weren’t able to join us at Mobile World Congress this year, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out our Mobile World Congress 2021 Resource Center, where you’ll find the full presentation from the event. Connected Vehicle Services: Catching the Mobile Edge introduces the AECC’s work to help meet the growing data demands of our connected vehicle ecosystem and examine the opportunities for mobile network operators to lead and shape this evolving industry.

It’s been a busy few months, and we are looking forward to more great activity in the remainder of 2021. Stay tuned for more by subscribing to our mailing list and following us on Twitter and LinkedIn.