As technology continues to advance, every facet of our lives becomes increasingly connected, and vehicles are no exception. The future of connected cars is bright, and both consumers and fleets across the globe have much to gain from their advancement. However, to ensure the success of these connected services, certain data management requirements must be addressed. The AECC is working to tackle these challenges and enable next-generation services that benefit millions of vehicles and fleets the world over. Read on to learn how the AECC is driving data to deliver.

By 2025 every new vehicle is expected to be connected. Connected vehicles will need to send up to 10 exabytes of data to the cloud each month – 1,000 times more than what today’s networks are accustomed to handling. Unfortunately, today’s network computing systems aren’t optimized to handle this volume of data in real time.

The AECC utilizes a distributed edge computing approach. This approach puts data processing closer to each vehicle’s location, leveraging localized networks and edge computing near where the vehicle is moving. In this way, data processing volumes are prioritized and reduced, which enables connectivity speeds to meet real-time demands.

The AECC’s approach enables an entire ecosystem to create and deploy next gen services, including intelligent driving, HD mapping, V2 cloud assist, mobility-as-a-service and finance and insurance services across millions of vehicles and fleets. This enables OEMs, MNOs, cloud and service providers to create new proof of concepts and business models designed to improve driving safety, smooth traffic flow, make energy consumption more efficient and lower emissions.

The AECC’s goal is two-fold:

  • Understand how massive amounts of data generated by connected vehicles can be computed and analyzed in the location nearest to the load site, and
  • Understand how quickly that data allows us to react to the vehicle’s surroundings.

By introducing edge computing in a network or near the vehicle’s location, the connected vehicle ecosystem can generate a lot of value from the data.

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