Last month, AECC board members Roger Berg, VP of DENSO’s North American Research and Development team, and Christer Boberg, Director, Ericsson Group Strategy, joined SBD Automotive Analyst Kurt Dusterhoff for a webinar discussion titled Coordinating the Connected Car and Network Edge.

The conversation centered around the idea that today’s internet is not ready for tomorrow’s connected cars. The connected car ecosystem is exploding and bringing with it numerous, data-intensive connected vehicle services that will require the management and transfer of massive amounts of data. As Dusterhoff put it, “without significant change to both vehicle data management and telecommunications network infrastructure plans, and coordination between the two, the automotive industry looks set to break the internet by 2030.”

Together, the trio explored some of the big questions that the industry as a whole needs to address to avoid that outcome. For example:

  • How can we prioritize and distribute workloads and data transfers to smooth out network demand?
  • What kind of steps do connected-vehicle services architects need to consider to ensure national/global scalability?
  • Is there more to enabling global future data-rich services beyond fixing the data capacity pinch points?

If you missed the live webinar, or if you want a recap, you can check out the recording on our presentations and webinars page.

In conjunction with the webinar, the AECC and SBD also produced a complementary white paper, “Coordinating the Connected Car and Network Edge (…to Avoid Breaking the Internet),” in which they dive deeper into the question of how to prepare our internet infrastructure to handle the demands of tomorrow’s connected car ecosystem. The full paper is available for public download on the AECC website.

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