Everything in our life is “connected.” In fact, from our smartphones to the vehicles we drive, our lives have never been more connected. When it comes to our vehicles, that connectivity has the potential to truly disrupt the way we travel, bringing about new and better driving experiences with safer passage, smoother traffic flows and optimized energy consumption for lower emissions which are, most importantly, kinder to the environment.

Operationally, the connected vehicle services that make all that possible will require a much larger data transfer capacity than what is currently available. The AECC brings together automotive OEMs, MNOs and cloud and technology providers to help tackle this challenge. We’re focused on driving the evolution of edge network architectures and computing infrastructure to support high volume data services in a smarter, more efficient connected-vehicle future.

Our Proof of Concept program plays a critical role in demonstrating the impact of the AECC’s work.   AECC PoCs are the visible exhibitions of the work that goes on within the AECC community. They showcase our capabilities and demonstrate the utility of AECC’s research and approach. PoC creation involves input from our working groups, who develop use cases and possible technical solutions that they believe will effectively address the use case requirements. The solutions, or portions of them, come from a number of different players within the AECC community, including MNOs, network equipment providers, data storage equipment teams and others.

Following this step, either the working groups or AECC member companies who want to contribute a PoC proposal develop demonstrations of the technology approaches to show the real-world application of AECC’s solutions. Our introduces the program and outlines two of our current PoC proposals.

Our first PoC, conducted by DENSO Corporation, KDDI Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation, was executed to confirm that Opportunistic Data Transfer can work in a real LTE environment to help reduce network congestion.

Our second conducted by Oracle Japan Corporation, sought to confirm the AECC’s technical approach to enabling data integration of distributed edge computing for HD mapping.

For more, check out the complete video here.

Like what you see? Learn more at our PoC Hub and get involved to help us shape the future of the global connected vehicle ecosystem! Technology is ever-changing at a fast pace and contributing a PoC proposal is a great way to start working with the AECC. Any company can take part in our PoC program, as long as at least one member company is part of the resulting PoC proposal.

If you’re interested in participating in a PoC proposal, please reach out to [email protected]

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