By Roger Berg, vice president of DENSO’s North American research and development group and communications vice chair for the AECC

The year to come promises to be an exciting one for the AECC. Poised at the nexus of edge computing, connected vehicles, 5G and 6G, the AECC is paving the way for the future of automotive transportation. We’ve not only laid the groundwork for use cases, standards, and reference architectures, but we’ve also begun to build an impressive proof of concept collection that shows our member organizations can deliver solutions that work in real-world conditions.

I’ve been with the AECC from the beginning as part of DENSO, and I’ve never been more excited to work with our members on upcoming projects.

Expanding Our Scope to Include More Organizations

The AECC already has a diverse community that contributes incredible expertise: we have MNOs, OEMs, and technology, cloud and app solution providers among our ranks. This community is really what it’s all about: the opportunity to work with other like-minded companies and individuals and technology developers on effective solutions.

In 2023, we’ll be inviting a wider range of organizations to contribute, because the connected vehicle ecosystem is continuing to evolve to include things like fully automated driving and connected transportation infrastructure.

Bringing the Edge to Life

Connected vehicle services will mean a massive data and computing power increase is required, even if the vehicle isn’t autonomous. But it’s really difficult to put a supercomputer into a vehicle, and still make a vehicle that’s affordable.

Part of the solution will involve moving some computing outside of the vehicle, so the driver gets assistance from the infrastructure or other parts of the transportation system. You can distribute where that information is processed and where it’s used in physical and time proximity to where the actual application is being run. That’s where edge computing comes in.

Proof of Concept Program

People have been talking about edge computing for the last few years, but really, the key is actually deploying something and proving that commercializing edge computing will work.

Our Proof of Concept Committee will be really effective in showing how AECC’s actually looking at deployment, rather than just specifying things and building architectures and talking about use cases — the deployment is really what’s key.

Want to Talk About Creating the Future?

It’s great to be back to doing conferences in person again. The AECC will be at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2. If you can’t be there but still want to talk ideas, message me on LinkedIn.

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